HelpDesk software that works the way you work.

multiple support channelsAllow customers to reach you anytime, from anywhere

Embed eSolver’s customer portal in your website or send customers a unique link. This way, customers can easily send feedback and support tickets. Once they submit items, you will find them in your account and can start assigning and managing them right away.

customer service portal

Customer portal for your website

Add a simple script to your website and get a "side tab" helpdesk widget for your site.

Capture tickets from email

Automatically forward all support emails to eSolver and capture, manage and respond to them there.

Easily log tickets that come from other sources

Quickly log tickets that arrive by phone, in-person, or from other sources (or just email them in).

customer interactionBuild a customer community

customer collaboration

eSolver allows you to build a customer community where customers can have their voices heard by sharing their feedback about your products and services. Let your customers hold discussions with each other, discover new insight and ask customers to vote on them. Publish tickets and conversations to the community (or not) as you see fit.

email integrationNever lose another customer email

eSolver provides you with email addresses you can use to capture feedback, support tickets, and questions from customers directly into your eSolver account. You can respond directly from eSolver and keep the email thread centralized.

helpdesk email
ticket status

notifications & status trackingLet customers track their items

Receive less phone calls and emails from customers asking about the status of tickets they submitted. Choose to let them keep track of item status and configure the customer portal to expose ticket status.

collaboration and discussionsResolve help desk tickets collaboratively

eSolver’s collaborative nature allows you to work with customers to resolve help desk tickets faster. If issues are unclear, simply start a conversation with the customer who submitted it and clarify it. Invite other team members to participate in a discussion, or hold private internal discussions and relay the results.

helpdesk collaboration software
helpdesk custom views

search and filteringFilter tickets and immediately view exact information

Filter customer tickets according to your needs. Arrange column visibility, order, and sorting. Save these views to quickly access them in the future.

powerful automation engineWorkflows

Create customized work-flows and let your processes run themselves. Increase productivity within your organization, facilitate teamwork, and never overlook a customer communication again. Automate assignments, escalation, notifications and much more.

automatic helpdesk