Customer Service Associations

Here is a list of some of the most well-known customer service associations worldwide. They specialize in delivering great customer experience and using the right helpdesk software tools to get the job done.

International Customer Service Association (ICSA)

About the ICSA

The ICSA aims to broaden awareness of the importance of customer service within organizations worldwide. They stress that customer service is the most important aspect of business growth and help members reach their goals in terms of customer satisfaction. The ICSA will soon be merging with the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE).

Membership benefits:

  • Access to members-only webinars
  • Immediately qualify to take part in the annual ICSA Service Professional of the Year program
  • Discounts on ICSA Certification training
  • Access to sections of the ICSA website available to members only: Whitepapers, case studies, job postings, announcements and more
  • Discounts to the ICSA Annual Conference and regional events
  • Opportunity to participate in the all new annual ICSA Scholarship Program
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    Customer Experience Professional Association

    Bout the CXPA:

    The CXPA is an international non-profit organization that promotes the growth of customer experience management practices. Members of this community include customers service practitioners from all sectors, and they all aim to help others optimize customer experience. The CXPA helps its members advance their careers by offering networking opportunities, education and by helping them gain a better understanding of customer experience.

    Membership benefits:

  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Access to member-only resources: Webinars, research, newsletters, videos and more
  • Job postings and career development opportunities
  • Discounts to events
  • Discounts on research and resources
  • Website:


    National Customer Service Association (NCSA)

    About the NCSA:

    The NCSA is the premiere provider of customer service education, development, and support services in the USA. It provides:

    Membership benefits:

  • Membership Certificate identifying you as an NCSA Member
  • Post for free on the member job board
  • A link to your organization’s website on the NCSA website
  • Create or join an NCSA local / regional chapter
  • Unlimited access to parts of the website available to members only. This includes a personalized member “help desk” program, support materials, networking opportunities, articles, and more
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    Customer Service Institute of America

    About the Customer Service Institute of America:

    The Customer Service Institute of America describes themselves as “the professional body of choice for customer service leaders across the United States.” They offer certification and training and also manage the International Service Excellence Awards.


    Help Desk Institute (HDI)

    About the HDI:

    The HDI is a professional association and certification body for those who work the technical service and support industries worldwide. They provide training and certification and allow members to network by producing conferences and events.

    Membership benefits:

  • Access to forums to collaborate, share ideas and network
  • Get involved at local meetings and events
  • Further your career
  • Reach your goals in technical service and support
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